Partners and Links

Fietsersbond The Dutch National Institution for cyclists. Forum made for cyclists.

VVN Hillegom The Dutch 'Veilig Verkeer Nederland', department Hillegom, presents LOOKY during her cycling courses. Participants receive a voucher which gives them discount on LOOKY.

SWOV Dutch Institute of scientific research traffic safety. The Dutch Recumbent Association NVHPV is for everybody who has or wants to have something with recumbents.

Stichting Ik Wil Fietsen Institute that helps people who cannot ride a 'normal' cycle anymore. This is a platform made by and for companies to stimulate cycling to work.

Trappers 'Trappers' is a rewarding system that can be used by employers to stimulate cycling among employees. By collecting points, nice articles (like LOOKY) and trips can be bought from it in the Trappers webshop.

Nationale Fiets Projecten The goal of 'National Cycle Projects' is to inform employers and employees about cycling to work.

Fietsen Scoort 'Cycling Scores' should stimulate cycling in the Netherlands. Everyone can participate.

Fiets Filevrij The project 'cycle traffic jam free' improves cycle routes in the Netherlands which are situated nearby traffic jams.

Bison Rally Team This professional Dutch rally team participates in different kinds of rallys with their undestructable Desert Warrior.

Foundation for (partially) deaf people Members receive a 25% non-profit discount when buying LOOKY.

Handy tools:

Fietsrouteplanner Plan the best or quickest 'door to door' route. Made by the Dutch Fietsersbond.

OV Fiets Combine a cycle trip with public transport. By showing your 'OV cycle card' you can rent a bike at many stations which have 'OV-bike park'.

Buienradar Rainy or sunny weather? Buienradar knows it!

Database for stolen cycles In this database all stolen cycles are registred. Want to buy a second hand cycle? First check if this cycle is missing or stolen!