Size & Wash instructions

LOOKY is made of a stretch fabric (polyester). Therefore the gloves will fit your hands tight and comfortable.
For the best fit, we advice you to read the size table below.

To determine the size of your hand, measure the width of the palm of your dominant hand.
Your dominant hand is left when you're left handed and right when you're right handed.


In the size table below you can find the corresponding sizes:

Size table in cm and inches

Extra small
7,0 cm   /  2.76  inch width of palm

7,5 cm   /  2.95  inch width of palm

8,0 cm   /  3.15  inch width of palm

9,0 cm   /  3.54  inch width of palm

Extra large
10,7 cm /  4.21  inch width of palm

Care and cleaning

Since LOOKY is made of natural and vulnerable materials, the gloves need special care to keep the quality.
The leather piece on the thumb side is best taken care of with products specially made for leather. The leather is a natural product and doesn't react good when using soap or washing-powder and forced drying.

Wash instructions:
Hand Wash, Cold
Line Dry
Do Not Tumble Dry
Do Not Wring
Do Not Iron