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Patricia: "Effective and clever invention!"

Lydia: "I had to get used to wearing LOOKY, but now I can't cycle without it!"

Marcel: "Glance in the mirror to see what's happening behind me. Just what I needed."

Nelleke: "My daughter Annemarijn feels safe and secure when cycling to school with LOOKY. And LOOKY is cooler than a bike mirror!"

J.P. Jacobs, Dakar driver and navigator: "I'd love to cycle with high speed. Looking behind me through the rear view mirror prevents me losing balance. The combination with the special glove is just perfect. If every cyclist would ride with LOOKY, they'd protect themselves from unpleasant surprises like 'silent' upcoming racing cyclists."
Rishi: "Since I have LOOKY, I pay more attention in traffic. Recommendable!"

Alex: "Much better looking than a traditional bike mirror"

Jan: "Indispensable in my velomobile (recumbent bike) in which I'm not able to look back"

Mariet: "My fellow cycling club members also cycle with LOOKY"

Arne: "I love to cycle a lot on my mountainbike and with Looky I'm able to see cars coming from behind"

Hanneke: "When cycling along canals in Delft, I now feel secure with LOOKY"

Ino: "Not only safe in traffic, LOOKY is also handy to check my makeup after cycling :-)"